Paediatricians believe that vaccination should not be delayed as it can lead to an increase in risk of infections amongst children.
Timely vaccination is essential to protect them from potentially serious diseases.

Are you concerned about your child's missed vaccination during COVID-19 pandemic?

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1.I am not sure if my child has missed a vaccine, what should I do?
  • Vaccinating children on time is an important way to protect them against serious and potentially deadly diseases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that children should be vaccinated according to the recommended immunization schedule
  • When children aren’t vaccinated or vaccination is delayed, they are left unprotected against serious diseases which can be easily prevented through Vaccination
  • Check your child’s Vaccination card today, which has age specific Vaccines recommended for your child. Consult your Pediatrician for more information on missed or due vaccination
2.What are the available guidelines for missed/due vaccination during COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Global guidelines by World Health Organization (WHO): Immunization is an essential health service. Disruption of immunization services, even for brief periods, will result in increased numbers of susceptible individuals and raise the likelihood of outbreak-prone vaccine preventable diseases (VPDs)
  • Indian guidelines by Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP): Prevention (including immunizations) and management of communicable diseases is considered as an “Essential Medical service”. “Immunization is a Core Health Service” that should be prioritized for the prevention of communicable diseases and safeguarded for continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic, where feasible. There is no documented risk of immunizing a well child during the COVID-19 pandemic
3.What are the precautions/care to be taken during vaccination in these times?
  • Visit your Pediatrician with a prior Vaccination appointment only
  • Use an alcohol-based sanitizer at frequent intervals
  • All caretakers and children, except infants should wear a mask
  • Maintain social distancing at all times & avoid surface contacts as much as possible
  • Don’t carry any toys/personal objects and avoid touching door handles
  • Digital payments should be preferred
  • Senior citizens (more than 60 years of age) should not accompany the vaccinee
  • Enter, exit & conduct yourself in the Vaccination clinic as per staff’s advise
4.I am concerned taking my child out for vaccination, as it can increase the risk of COVID-19?
  • Going out to get essential products (Milk, Medicines, etc.) & services (Banking, healthcare, etc.) also carries the risk of getting infected with COVID-19. But we try minimizing the risk by taking required precautions
  • Similarly, Vaccination is an essential medical service & taking necessary precautions can minimize the risk of infection to you and your child
  • On the contrary, when children aren’t vaccinated or vaccination is delayed, they are left unprotected against potentially serious diseases which can be prevented through Vaccination
  • Following the recommended Vaccination schedule as advised by your Pediatrician is a wise decision
5.What is the permissible delay allowed for my child’s due vaccination?

Your Pediatrician is the best support to guide you for your child’s Vaccination schedule. Check your child’s Vaccination card today and consult your Pediatrician for more information.

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